Daily updates from SEED Homes

Because we are eight hours north of where our house is getting built, the team at SEED Homes sends us a daily update along with pictures. It has been so helpful to us to see the progress. You will see some cupboards going up in our galley kitchen. Most of the electrical work has been completed along with the plumbing. They are waiting for those two inspections to get done before closing everything up. 

In the process of working with the Town of High River on the development permit, we have discovered that water and sewer connections were not done to our two lots back in 2015 when everything was replaced after the 2013 flood. The reason was that a single older home occupied our two lots and the two adjacent ones to the east. The servicing that was done ended up going to one of those. That means we have to take care of tying into the sewer and water mains. How long this is going to take and how much this is going to cost is still a mystery. The team at SEED Homes is diligently putting that together for us following a planning meeting with the town yesterday. We also found out that our window supplier may not be able to deliver until after the first week in September. All of this means that we won't have our home and studio until after Heather leaves for her month long walking journey in Italy.
She is doing 400 km of the Via Francigena with a friend from England.

As all of this is happening we were notified by Ideal Protein that they have been quietly dealing with significant financial challenges. To help sort out their affairs, the company has filed for creditor protection in Canada while they go through a court supervised reorganization process.
What does this mean for us as an authorized clinic? From what we understand, things will be business as usual for the time being. There may just not be as many support people in the background as during normal times. 

While we wait for our home and studio to get built, we've been doing custom orders for our current clients and having Ideal Protein products sent directly to their homes. It's all we can do for the moment.

Meanwhile, to keep busy I spent much of yesterday clearing brush in the area where the shed used to be with my sister. She is mindful of the moose and deer who like to come through the property in the winter and wanted to open up a couple of new paths for them. Today I will start to work on building a rustic bed frame for the queen size mattress in the guest bedroom. My brother-in-law got some amazing barn wood from a century old structure that got dismantled near St. Paul last week. I'm going to use some of that along with some recovered boards from an old farm gate. It should be fun and challenging. 


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