Retreating to paradise


I am sitting on my sister’s sofa, the warm morning sun on my face, looking at this view. We arrived at her and Chris’s home late yesterday afternoon, an acreage northeast of Grande Prairie. With wide open spaces, and endless places for Coco and Shay to run without leashes, we are all feeling like we’ve landed in paradise. They like it so much better than being cooped up in the car.

It’s crunch time on multiple fronts for our home build.

The electrical lines are being run, plumbing roughed in and soon insulation will go into the walls. We’re nearing the finish line with all the permitting things and finishing materials (windows and floors) are due to arrive any day. The SEED Homes team is working flat out to make our dream come to reality. 

The next week will visibly show the most progress. However, all the work that has come before, the essential bones, has made it possible.

Meanwhile, we will watch from a distance from this beautiful place, going for long walks and watching the birds.


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