New hiking terrain and more home progress


We went for a 9 km walk on the Evergreen Trail Loop on the southeastern edge of Grande Prairie. It was a perfect hike on a sunny, but smoky, day. We have walked in many different types of terrains over the years, but this was different than all of them. 

First of all, the ground under our feet for much of the walk was fine sand. It is a wonder that vegetation had a way of poking through. The underbrush was less lush than what we usually see which made it super easy for the dogs to go chasing after squirrels.
We saw and heard several ravens (which was a treat) along with lots of chickadees and flickers, but other than those species, the forest was rather quiet in the heat of the day.

"Look at these!" shrieked Heather.

"The are puffball mushrooms."

When she was little, Heather and her family spent the summer on a remote island on Lac la Ronge. Her knowledge of the forest is far superior to mine. I could see that this discovery brought her back to a great memory for those years.

While we were exploring the forest, the team at SEED Homes continued to plug away at getting our home ready. Roof panels are almost done and the kitchen is really coming together nicely. After the final inspection of the plumbing and electrical, the walls will be insulated and closed off with the Trusscore wall panels. 

Unfortunately, we have not heard news about the keys issues of our development permit and tying into water and sewer. I said to Stephen Morgan, CEO of SEED Homes, that we will have to have a party when those two issues are finally resolved. We will breathe a big sigh of relief when that days arrives. 


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