Time is on our side


If we were in a rush, the shed we are taking down might have come down quicker, and messier. However, as we have nothing but time on our hands, we have been methodical and careful about taking it down piece by piece. In this way, most of the dimensional lumber can be re-used when my sister and brother-in-law build their greenhouse.

The guy that built the structure used nothing but nails to do the frame. Subsequently, our main tools yesterday were a framing hammer and a 36" crowbar. We would remove a board and then take the time to remove the nails. What I discovered, after several hours of using the framing hammer to pull the nails, was that the crowbar offers much better leverage. It was almost no work at all to remove a nail with it.

The chickadees have become familiar with our routine. Every morning they fly over with their familiar greeting.


We reach into our pocket and grab a few minutes and place them in our palms. 

"Chick-a-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee," we answer back. 

Very quickly the bird will appear, park on a nearby branch, and then hop onto the edge of the palm and select its treat.

tweet-tweet, it chirps as it flies away with peanut pinched in its beak. 

I had a slight nagging headache yesterday. I'm pretty sure I didn't have enough water the day before when we did a full day of work in the sun. With a headache, even a slight one, I don't have much motivation to do things. However, I still went out and worked on the de-construction for several hours at a time throughout the day and evening.

I have not written much about my sleep issues. When we go to bed, I typically read for a few minutes and then fall into a quick and deep sleep, for a few minutes. Then my legs start to ache and I have to get up and do something: read a book or watch a show. Munching on whatever is available is usually part of the routine. In normal times - in Okotoks - I'd be up and moving by 6 am, having had 4 or 5 hours of sleep. While I got up several times last night, watching Shawshank Redemption on my iPad,  I didn't wake up until 7:30 am, the latest I've slept in for years. That's a good thing, as I needed the extra sleep. My nagging headache from yesterday is gone.


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