Unsexy progress


As Heather and I enjoy the beauty of northern Alberta on my sister and brother-in-law's acreage, we are getting regular updates from the team at SEED Homes in south Calgary. They know that we are on pins and needles wanting to move into our new home. With permitting delays and late shipments of key elements of the build, we may be three to four weeks off the mark in terms of when we first thought we'd be unpacking our stuff. Seeing progress keeps our spirits up.

While not terribly sexy, we're hearing about roof panels being fully insulated and ready for installation, electrical wiring going into the utility corridor and other components getting fabricated and piled throughout the shop. 

These are all incredibly important pieces, but until the house starts to look like a house - with walls, flooring and fixtures - it feels like we are a long way off. However, the message we keep hearing is that once all the pieces are ready, things will really fly when we near the finish line.

Meanwhile, we are passing the time quite happily on "the farm" (as I call it) near Grande Prairie. Yesterday's achievement was finally getting a decent photo of the elusive yellow warbler.
We hear it all the time and see it in fleeting moments throughout the day, but getting it on camera has proven challenging.

I also set out to get a better picture of the ever present Say's Phoebe, a flycatcher that spends its day hunting flies in the front yard. This one bird is mostly around from sun up to sun down.

Yesterday also proved to be my biggest walking day since January. I ended up logging over 20,000 steps and 16 kilometres. The biggest portion of our walk happened in the evening down the country road to the north. Heather had told me of two friendly horses she encountered a number of days ago when she walked that way. They didn't disappoint.


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