The warmth of the setting sun


A northern harrier hawk kept flying by yesterday evening, making long sweeps over the adjacent canola field, hunting for dinner we presume. Heather had correctly identified it from its markings. I wandered outside with my camera as the ladies played a game at the kitchen table.

The bird seemed to be focusing on the field directly east of the main road. In one moment it would be 50 feet away and in the next it would seem to disappear, only to reappear way off on the other side of the field. I stood there for 15 to 20 minutes hoping that it would return. It did.

The hawk was still too far off to get a crisp picture. But I recorded enough information to run the photo through my Merlin Bird ID app, confirming it as a northern harrier. 

After a day of overcast conditions and rain, the evening sun seemed to warm everything up with an evening glow that I love so much. It didn't last long, as the sun ducked behind clouds that were building in the western sky. 


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