Trying to get my bearings


Most of the things that help me organize my life are tucked away in a storage pod. Over these last few weeks of being between homes I've relied on my laptop, iPad and iPhone to keep me organized and connected to the world. I'm really missing my desk, dual computer screens and my old school monthly calendar. I've been reminded of the fact that putting pen to paper is important to my psyche.

While I haven't been able to paint in August, requests for paintings and live painting performances have continued to come in. As everything is up in the air with the timing of our home and studio, it's hard to promise anybody anything. That's hard for me. I'm hoping that certain roadblocks will come down next week and a firm timeline will emerge. That'll really help me on the planning side.

The SEED Homes team has been balls to the walls with our 1,200 square foot home and are patiently waiting for the plumbing and electrical inspections so they can close everything up and install fixtures, appliances, and flooring. They are also troubleshooting the issue of connecting to municipal water and sewer. As those services were not run to our lots when the town redid all the underground utilities after the flood of 2013, we are responsible for doing it. We're all learning so much in this process. 

All I can do is make the best of the situation. My intention for the weekend was to duck into the city to go to Walmart. I needed a monthly planning calendar to start organizing my post transient life. 


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