Best Laid Plans

 Not only the title of one of my favourite novels, “best laid plans” describes everyone’s efforts in the building of our new home and studio. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a two week delay owing to one of the suppliers that shall remain nameless. Someone dropped the ball on placing the order that SEED Homes put in for an essential element of the home and studio. We’re now hoping for the house to arrive in High River around the 17th or 18th of August.

The SEED Homes team had the whole house floor put together and placed on these mammoth sawhorses. They wanted us to be able to walk the deck and get a feel for the place. 

Heather is a big proponent of doing certain things to ensure the house has good energy. If you want to know what that entails, you’ll need to ask her. I wouldn’t begin to try and explain it. She was in the middle of doing this work when I snapped the photo above.

It was great to meet John today, the engineer of the project (on the far right in the picture). He shared a bunch of great things about the design, including the fact that the structure will be tornado proof. “If a tornado hits the house directly, it will be fine,” he said. “You’ll just want to stay away from the windows.”

A few design tweaks and construction choices will mean that the house insulation will have an R-value of over 30. The steel structure and the way the roof and walls are coming together will mean the house will be rock solid, with no squeaking floor joists. It will also be super quiet.

John has designed a hinge system that allows the floor panels and walls to fold up. When everything is done, the central core will include the finished kitchen, bathrooms and utilities. Within a couple of days of being placed on the engineered screw piles on our High River lot, the house will be move in ready. 

We are discovering some of the wonderful things about our new community. Several film shoots were happening in town today - a normal thing for High River as this is a popular location for television and film companies. We enjoyed lunch at Evelyn’s diner downtown. The food was homemade and wonderful. 


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