Closing in on Ideal

I started my Ideal Protein journey back on March 11th. I'm not sure why I remember the date; I just do. A little over two months later and I am comfortably down 25 pounds. It's been two months, but it feels like a blink.

There were two initial motivators. First, I wanted to fit into a down vest that had been handed down. Back in March I had to suck in my gut to zip it up. Now I don't. I also wanted to fit into my fancy clothes for my niece Emily's wedding in June.  My nice clothes were purchased when I was near my lowest adult weight. 

Those are extrinsic motivators. I will soon need to think about intrinsic motivators to help me move into phases two and three of the Ideal Protein program. 

I've shared with a couple of dieters my thoughts on how to be successful in the long term. First, being mindful of your food purchasing choices is key. We need to look at the ingredients and nutritional values of the items in the middle aisles and stay within our unique macro code. In other words, a daily amount of protein, healthy fat and new carb servings. Second, and simply, it is committing to get on the scale every once and awhile and watching for a trigger weight. The "trigger weight" is that number that tells you it is time to do a reset. Going back into Phase 1 of the program for a number of weeks will take care of any accumulated weight right away and get you back to your happy and comfortable weight.

Since I first did the Ideal Protein program over ten years ago, I've been mostly successful in maintaining my weight loss. The moves from Fort McMurray to Okotoks and then Okotoks to High River managed to upend my positive eating habits. Stress can greatly impact healthy habits. At my heaviest, I was 211 pounds. At my lightest, I was around 162. This morning, I am sitting at 167. My goal is to hit a new low before moving in Phase 2 of the program and move out of ketosis.


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