one of those days...


The snow, rain and waiting took their toll on me yesterday. I reached the edge of my patience tolerance and lashed out. I'm grateful that Adrien from SEED Homes was there to actively listen and hear my concerns and frustrations. 

Our studio building is sitting out back on its screw piles all folded up and wrapped waiting for the weather to clear. While today has blossomed into a bright and sunny day, the wind forecast is a little sketchy for tomorrow. Wind is a factor because of the proximity of the building to power lines.

In order to lower the northern portion of the house, two telehandlers will need to be used. They have the maneuverability to stay the required distance away from the lines. Planning for the second day is done with an abundance of caution. If the roof panels don't get fully installed in the first day, it's important to have a dry night when the building is left open to the elements.

Based on the forecast, the best potential days to unfold Birdsong Studio are next Thursday and Friday. We will be a full week and a half behind schedule. It will now be late May or early June before the studio building is fully completed and ready to use. 

I got all wrapped up in my anxiety yesterday and developed a sore stomach by the end of the afternoon. It took recording a video message and a good dinner to get grounded again. I think my final revelation in that video message was that sometimes things happen that are completely beyond our control, like snow at the beginning of May. 


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