Studio Progress


It was one week ago today that the studio building was unwrapped and unfolded. The SEED Homes team has been hard at work ever since, buttoning everything up and starting the inside work.
The partition wall between the office and the Bird's Nest is nearing completion, giving us a true sense of what the space is going to feel like.  Kitchenette and bathroom counter tops arrived yesterday and were installed along with sinks. 

We have really enjoyed having this group of SEED Homes workers on site. Ralf, Brandon, Cole, Jonathan and Zubir are making tremendous progress. To thank them for their efforts, Heather and I are preparing a barbecue lunch. It will be a nice way to wrap up the week before heading into the May long weekend. 

Next week will be huge as work begins on plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Bathroom and kitchenette tiling will happen soon which will pave the proverbial way for toilets.

Meanwhile, we continue to host visitors in our SEED Home. We are excited to share what SEED Homes offers and how they might help the dreams of others come true. Yesterday was the first time that someone described the aesthetic as being "Scandinavian".  They loved the efficient use of space, the brightness and the home's modern feel. 

Heather and I are open to requests for tours with notice. Being a smaller home, it is easy to do a quick tidy in advance of having visitors. If you're intrigued by SEED Homes and want to see their first completed house, don't hesitate to send us a note and request a tour. You can email us at


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