Oilers Fever

 As the sun brightens a beautiful Saturday in late May, hockey fans in Alberta are getting ready for the Oilers' second game in the semi-final round against the Dallas Stars. There is excitement in the air as Edmonton has developed an offensive powerhouse that is dominating. The top four point getters in the playoffs wear the orange and blue: Draisaital, McDavid, Bouchard and Nugent-Hopkins. 

I had a client ask if I would be able to create a painting of three legendary Oilers from three different generations: Wayne Gretzky, Ryan Smyth, and Connor McDavid. I spent two full days on this one, which is rare for me. There were several long stretches at the easel. Doing all the details in the jerseys is time consuming.

With an exciting win in the second overtime against Dallas, it turned out to be the perfect time to share the painting with Oilers Nation. The original sold at auction and a number of gallery canvas embellished prints have been ordered. 

Gallery Canvas Prints are available to custom order here. They are 18" x 36" and will be custom embellished and include a certificate of authenticity. As the embellishments are completely unique for each one and will include an original signature, it gives them a punch of extra collectible value.

It is fair to say that I have painted more Oilers players than any other team. Kevin Lowe, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Grant Fuhr, and Connor have spent time on my easel over the years. Some of these projects were done in front of audiences in Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary and raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity.


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