Just when I thought I was out...


I think all of us were convinced that winter was done and that spring had settled in for the long haul. However, Mother Nature had different ideas. The view from my writing vantage point is decidedly white this morning with more snow on the way today.

Because of this late blast of moisture, the unfolding of Birdsong Studio has been delayed. The building is sitting on its centre screw piles waiting for a window of opportunity to get put together. Once the unfolding happens, there's no going back. Everything has to happen in pretty short order to protect the inside of the building from the elements. The forecast is calling for sunny skies on Friday and Saturday. After that, there is rain for a full week. Ughhh....and YAY, at the same time. We need the moisture. 

In the same way that we were convinced winter was done, I thought I was done with my psychedelic series. However, I've had this need for quite some time to add Roy Orbison to the collection. As a Sun Records artist, I wanted him to join some of the other luminaries who came up thanks to the Sam Phillip's studio in Memphis: Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.

As it was a snowy/rainy day, it seemed the perfect opportunity to set up the camera and record the process.

This is the SHOW don't TELL approach to sharing a technique. The steps are in the description of the Youtube video. 

I also finished my painting of our neighbourhood Osprey. Here is a great illustration of the importance of having a good background.  If I had only recreated the source image, a photograph I took on a rather dull day, the painting would have been much more bland. 

Harry the High River Osprey is available to purchase here


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