End of the beginning

At the end of a very exciting day of sharing our home and studio with a YouTube influencer named Kerry Tarnow and a group investors interested in the SEED Homes concept, I spent a few quiet moments in the new space. 

While the walls and ceiling still need a comprehensive cleaning, we are getting so much closer to the completion of the inside. Pot lights and LED fixtures are in and most of the wiring has been completed. Heating pads will go into both both bathrooms and work will begin on the flooring, potentially as soon as today.

Our studio stuff, which has been safely tucked away in a storage pod in a warehouse for the better part of ten months, will be delivered today. We needed to get access to it as we are heading into market season, the first of which happens on Saturday. We'll be setting up in front of our old digs at 74 Elma Street along with several other artists as part of the Elma Street ArtsWalk. 

It was a lot of fun talking about our journey with a group of people who are highly knowledgeable about the modular housing space. They asked such great questions and were so appreciative to talk to a couple that has lived in a SEED Home for five months now. We have another tour on the docket for later today.

We believe in what SEED Homes is doing and are happy to open up our home to help share their story. These visits are great motivators to do deep cleans of the house, which takes all of 30 minutes. Now that we've downsized, cleaning is so much easier. 

I just had a great visit with Darcy one of the principles of SEED Homes. He's been wearing multiple hats in recent weeks and despite the flurry of activity is still smiling. He's been a great partner through this process along with his co-owner colleagues Stephen and Jim.  Darcy had popped by to drop off an air nailer so Jonathan can get started on the studio flooring. 


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