Nature's Intervention


Mother Nature is being both a b!^@& and blessing. Progress on Birdsong Studio 3.0 came to an absolute halt yesterday with the blast of an early spring snowstorm. Thankfully, the building was fully wrapped and can safely wait out this unlikely return to winter. And it's not over. We woke up this morning to another snowfall warning. Areas along the foothills could get as much as 50 cm of snow between tonight and tomorrow night.

The blessing in all of this is the fact that in a region that has been drought ridden for the better part of a couple of years, this added moisture is vital. This late deluge of the white stuff will turn into water and get swallowed by the thirsty earth. When it's all over, the farmers will be happier, the gardeners will be delighted, and the animals will be smiling. 

All of this said, we will ostensibly lose a full week of progress, at a minimum. There is a ray of sunshine for Friday and Saturday. Whether or not this window will give the SEED Homes team enough of a window to get the studio unfolded and the roof panels attached is yet to be determined. The whole package could stay wrapped until next week. It's frustrating but it's springtime in Alberta. 


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