The day unfolds


Unfolding day for Birdsong Studio dawned blue and bright. In fact, there wasn't (and still isn't) a cloud in the sky. No clouds also means very little wind. We had perfect conditions for the crew from SEED Homes to do their magic.

The truth is that each SEED Homes installation will be unique. Our situation would be completely different from an inner city infill or an installation in an empty subdivision. The location of the Birdsong Studio building made things challenging in two ways. First, its proximity to overhead power lines. Second, its proximity to our house. There was not a lot of space to maneuver for the two telehandlers that carried the weight of each section of the building as floors were lowered and walls raised.

Lots of adjustments had been made in the shop between the inaugural build of the first SEED Home and the building that unfolded yesterday. The improvements addressed some of the discoveries made the first time around. However, having to safely work around the hazards slowed everything down.

"Without the power lines, this would have happened much more quickly," said one of the team members.

Safety was tantamount through the entire day, which meant checking and rechecking. It meant going super slow to make sure that everything happened without a hitch and that personal safety was never compromised. 

The section between the building and the house ended up being a mud bog of sorts. The moisture we received over the last 10 days had not had a chance to evaporate in that spot. The wheels of the telehandler sunk deeper and deeper as the day pushed forward. Ryan was particularly adept at making his boom adjustments synchronously with what his tires were doing. 

By the end of the day - a very long day for the crew - all the walls were up with windows and doors in place.

The changing view from Heather's office in the house

Today roof panels go on the structure. Once the building is protected from the elements, all the inside work can happen: flooring, electrical, plumbing and finishings. 


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