Millennial chaos cometh

I'm ready to lose my mind.  Somewhere between leaving for the weekend and coming back, my elder son "lost" his ac power cord for his notepad computer.  As we searched every conceivable place where it might have landed, I began to realize the root cause of this cord chaos - there are too many.

Even looking in front of me in my modest study/walk-in closet, I have myriad cords hanging all around me: iPod charger cords, patch cords, printer cords, power cords, iPod headphones, to name but a few.

How do I get upset with my son for misplacing his Acer Aspire One power cord when I find myself surrounded with BlackBerry chargers, a growing population demographic in our house as it is often the one essential travel ingredient that I seem to leave out of the mix forcing me to purchase replacements on the road.

We live in an age where finding an available power outlet for charging gadgets is seriously being considered as the next Olympic sport.  How does one make sense of it all?

Multiple games systems spawn a multitude of sprawling black snakes that twist and tangle in the nether regions of our teenager's bedroom, an electronic rat's nest from which nothing emerges.

As I problem solve the issue of a depleted notepad battery inspired by the new absence of its ac power cord partner, I wrestle with my temper, wanting desperately to expostulate the obvious.

"You have too much stuff," he wants to say.  "If you can't take care of your game systems, cords and games maybe we need to make things easier for you and take some away? Hmmmm? What do you think?"

The internal debate rages on as the rational brain sneaks in and takes over.  I remain calm, suggesting the reasonable steps that he can take to get some power back into his computer.

I'm sure many of us are in the same boat.  How do you handle the growing number of electronic connectors, chargers and cords?  Have you figured out a solution?  How do you keep your teenager from getting lost in their stuff?  I look forward to your sage advice.

Have an organized day!


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