Farnsworth Chronicles, 8

As soon as the TEDx event was over, I began to feel the cold descend into my throat.  In the hours before my presentation, I felt it tapping on my shoulder, letting me know it was patiently waiting for me to be done with my stuff.  I got through the following day and well into Sunday before it really settled in.  By Monday morning my throat felt like it had been invaded by razor blades.

I'm OK with it.  In terms of a rehearsal/production process, it picked a good time to pay a visit.  Getting this over with now improves the odds of me remaining healthy through the rest of the process.

After a full day of learning and running lines on the weekend, I'm pretty much off book.  The proof will be in the pudding tonight when we put it on its feet.  It's hard to predict what the recall level is going to be when you integrate the blocking with the words.

I find the long speeches the easiest to learn.  The dialogue scenes with one other person are the next easiest, followed by dialogue scenes with many different characters.  By the time I landed on the final two pages of script, which is all me, it only required a couple of minutes of review as we had been through it so many times before with the script in hand.

We rehearse tonight and tomorrow night then take the Easter weekend off.  Our family is heading back to Kamsack, Saskatchewan at the crack of dawn on Good Friday, tackling the 12-hour drive in one fell swoop for the first time.  We're going to shoot for breakfast in Lac la Biche, then on to Cold Lake, Meadow Lake, south to Battleford, through Saskatoon, Humboldt and on to Kamsack.  We'll have two full days at home before heading back.


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