Return to Ideal

Since we returned from Mexico back in February, I've seen a slow, incremental increase in my weight.  I wasn't concerned as I was still hovering around the 180 mark, a comfortable spot to be as it allows just the right amount of body fat to keep my hands from feeling frigid.  That said, I think I still shock people when offering my frosty fingers for a hearty handshake.

For the record, and for purely therapeutic value, let me confess that I was at 184 lbs this morning.  And even though I indulged in a Claude Giroux prepared feast last night, that only accounts for a portion of my modest corpulence.

Thankfully, I have a stash of Ideal Protein vanilla pudding, my breakfast choice this morning and my inevitable choice for lunch today, along with a couple of cups of raw veggies.  I'm bound and determined to avoid sugars, fats, and the myriad list of banned foods in the first phase of the least for a day or two.  I want to dip below 180 lbs before I return to my normal eating patterns.

I started changing my eating ways back at the end of August and truly, apart from regular sweet-tooth indulgences, I've kept up a steady intake of fresh vegetables and healthy choices.  My alcohol intake over the past eight months has been scant, as has my forays into forbidden snack foods.  I have become somewhat obsessed with Atkins protein bars and my nightly dish of yogurt, raisins, nuts and flax seed.

My transformed wardrobe still fits, which has given me solace as I've watched the numbers get larger on my weight scale.  The tailored pants and shirts, along with the suit jackets that dropped from size 44 to size 40 still work, something for which I am deeply grateful.

So, as we launch into the final two weeks of preparations for The Farnsworth Invention, I am going to dive from indulgence to diligence and see what happens.  I'm also going to resurrect my unfinished bottles of vitamins and supplements, items that become too easily forgotten displaced to the upper environs of the the fridge top.  Wish me luck.


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