Listening to the wind

A friend of mine announced to his wife, and then the world, that he wouldn't be seeking political office in an upcoming election.  Flying in the face of encouraging friends and colleagues, he paid attention to the messages his body was giving him, and made the decision to focus his energies and passions differently.  I give him a lot of credit, because he did what so many do not; he stopped, asked the question, and heard the answer.

A big fan of the SUCCESS magazine audio CDs - the special bonus offer that comes with each printed edition,  I was recently struck by comments from renowned life coach and best-selling author Martha Beck about listening to our bodies.  When arriving at the crossroads, a point of decision, or when given a choice, our body does one of two things: it gets cold and contracted, or it becomes warm and expansive.  Your body is talking, but are you listening?

Beck also talked about the power of doing something physical, with full attention and intention, as an effective way of leaving our super-computer alone to do its great work.  When we focus on a physical activity that pushes the limits of our abilities or endurance, it reduces the inner turblance and increases our brain's ability to solve problems, make decisions and be creative.

I've had a lot of inner turbulence in recent days, trying to grasp the scope of what happened with flooding in our community, what is happening right now in the Calgary area, and what will happen in the next few hours in communities like Drumheller and Medicine Hat.  My ability to think, strategize and innovate fizzled - or, in this case, drowned.  As the waters begin to slowly recede in Stampede city, as our recovery efforts ramp up here in Wood Buffalo, and as the end of a very devastating period in Alberta is within sight, my body is responding, as is my mind.  I think a vigorous walk would be just what the doctor ordered.


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