Thanksgiving blessings

It was our 11th wedding anniversary yesterday.  We enjoyed a lovely meal of bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with a cranberry drizzle, a good bottle of wine (thanks Gerry!) and a wonderfully romantic movie - The Bridges of Madison County.

Cards were shared, filled with words of love and covered in hearts.  Ben also got into the act and made us a lovely card with a drawing of a heart, half blue and half red.  The words he wrote touched both of us deeply.

From both sides of the heart
Red carrys the breath of love.
Blue has the cells of romance...
But what do both have in common?
Love that lasts.

Wow!  We were speechless to have such beautiful sentiment come from a 10 year old.

The night previous was pretty special, too.  We attended the Ron Sexsmith concert at Keyano Theatre and he dedicated a song to Heather.  Sitting down at the grand piano, he did a gorgeous version of "Tomorrow in Her Eyes".  This is the song that captures everything I feel for my beautiful Heather and having the artist sing a version of it just for her was such wonderful gift.  Thanks Ron!

In the middle of a tumultuous election campaign, it is nice to find moments of peace, love and happiness.  These were of few of them that brightened up our Thanksgiving weekend.  Many blessing to you and yours.


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