Seeds of Change

One never knows where the seeds of change will take root.  For some of us, those seeds found sustenance and encouragement in the process of putting on a play.  For others, a book, movie or moment may have held the key to changing their life's direction.  Once in awhile, words written in this blog change a life.

We all have burdens that we carry around with us - stresses, worries, thoughts that bite into our capacity to be fully happy.  Chuck Smith, my dressing room mate during the recent production of Les Mis, shared with me the metaphor of the stress bucket.

In every functional life, we're going to have things that add stress to our bucket.  This is completely normal and healthy.  The key is to have spigots to release enough to prevent the bucket from running over.  Family, church, exercise, volunteer activities, can all serve as release valves.  But, do you have enough?  Sometimes a tap gets unexpectedly shut off: an injury prevents you from being able to go the gym or a relationship goes sour.  That would be a good time to add in a new spigot or two: counselling or mentorship, might be good examples.

If this metaphor is speaking to you, if your life is feeling empty, upended, or unsettled, you might be in a perfect spot to gift yourself with the Seeds of Change one-day conference on March 22.  My wife Heather is one of the organizers and presenters of this event that will take place at the Radisson Hotel.  She is going to be sharing how to move from being resistant and fearful regarding change to a place of open heartedness, curiosity and hope.  Through her own personal journey, needing to adjust, embrace and understand health changes, she has made this part of her professional suite of wellness tools.

Denise Hildebrand will be speaking about becoming a leader in your life, learning to bloom where you are planted.  Gary John will use his hypnotherapy skills to open up new mental pathways so you can create what you truly desire in life.  Karen Larkin is going to share an activity where you will tap into the wisdom of your heart.  Melissa Redden will focus on how emotions, false beliefs and unresolved experiences can keep you stuck; you'll then experience the joy of releasing what is no longer serving you.  And finally, Rena Saini, will spend time sharing the signs that your body uses to "talk" to you.  You'll also get great information about detoxifying your live and how eating cleansing foods, along with the use of simple herbs and supplements can support you through a time of change.

Are you hungering for change?  Are you thirsting for ideas and tools to help you activate, ignite and inspire the change you seek? Register for Seeds of Change by clicking here.  The early bird deadline is coming up in just a couple of days.

Tell Heather I sent you!  I'll be in her good books for weeks.


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