To the Barricades, Vol. 33

Chuck and I were getting our make-up on last night when Diana Moser dropped by our dressing room to introduce her two sisters.  They had traveled to Fort McMurray to cheer on their sibling in Keyano Theatre Company's production of Les Mis.  They didn't come up from Edmonton, Calgary or any other place in driving distance to Fort McMurray.  They made a mighty jump across the country, flying here from Hamilton, Ontario.  They are not alone in their amazing support of a family member going through an extraordinary experience.

Tiffany and Vivian Moser traveled from Hamilton
The night before, we had met Kimerica's mom Sue, who came by train and bus from Windsor, Ontario.  Greg's mom and sister came in from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Misty's Aunty Lana came in from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Misty Oakes and her Aunty Lana
They also came from all over the region and province, in huge numbers.  Tim (playing Valjean) had 14 relatives travel to Fort McMurray from communities like Sherwood Park, Raymond and Taber. Sheldon (playing Javert) counted a similar number of family members and friends from out of town who have either seen the show, or will have by the time we close on Sunday night.

Dylan and his Fort McKay family
They came from Thunder Bay, Nova Scotia and PEI.  They traveled from Prince George in the north to Victoria in the west, from Medicine Hat in the south to Toronto in the east, at a time of year when you would least expect them to do so.  But, travel they did, willingly and gratefully, feeling blessed to see a loved on stage at Keyano Theatre in a production that will be talked about for generations.

Someone special is coming to see the show tomorrow night from my life.  It slipped out when I asked Heather who she was bringing to the show on Saturday night.  My mind has been abuzz with who it might be and where they might be coming from.  At this point, it's still a guessing game.

To all the relatives and friends who took a pause from their regular life to hop in a plane, train or automobile to travel many miles to support us, encourage us, and LOVE us:  THANK YOU!  For everyone involved in Les Mis, this has been a journey that we are so grateful to share with you.  It has been live-changing for many of us, unforgettable for all of us.

Note: you may want to return to this post a couple of times in the next few days, as I've invited the cast and crew to send me group shots of their visiting friends and family.  I will add those in as they arrive.

My Les Mis surprise: my mom appeared out of the blue from Saskatchewan to see the show


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