Painting Leonard

I had a studio full of ladies on Sunday afternoon, painting portraits of Leonard Cohen.  They were so incredibly quiet and focused on their projects, more so than any other group that had painted in Birdsong Studio.  Their intensity coupled with the music of Leonard Cohen's final album You Want It Darker generated a mystical quality to the experience.

I had a sense early on that this particular painting project was going to be more time intensive than others we've done.

The three hour workshop stretched to almost four as the ladies put the finishing touches on their backgrounds, each choosing something unique and interesting.  I also had a sense that I wouldn't be able to finish my larger 18" x 36" canvas.

Even though I was exhausted at the end of a full day of painting, I went out after a quick dinner to spend another hour with my portrait.  An additional hour or two last night and it was pretty much done.

Leonard Cohen's passing left a hole in so many lives.  But, his final album is such a perfect farewell that it makes it easier to stomach that he is gone.  Hopefully these paintings will help kindle memories and connection to the man and his music.


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