What really matters

When I asked the folks who follow my Russell Thomas Art page on Facebook what I should paint, in order to enter a giveaway for a canvas print, I thought that the suggestions would have overflowed with famous actors, musicians and world leaders.  It wouldn't have been a surprise if myriad animals showed up in high numbers.  Sure, there were some famous people suggestions, and yes, one or two suggestions were connected to the animal kingdom.  There were even several inanimate suggestions, like the Sydney Opera House and the hamsa hand (fascinating choice by the way).  But for the most part, the suggestions cut to the core of what really mattered to people and tugged at their heart strings.

So many of them made me want to drop everything, run out to the studio, and start painting.  Each story was so incredibly moving and gave great meaning to the image:  a beloved family pet lost in the fire, a favourite uncle, an unbelievably brave child, heart stopping moments of brilliance and so many others.

One of the most humbling parts of this painting journey is the fact that people invite me into their lives in such a personal and profound way.  They allow me to capture the people, pets and memories that are the most precious to them.  I can't describe what an honour it has been and continues to be.

Click here and find the post with this picture and read through the comments.  You will be inspired, moved to tears, and uplifted by the amazing humanity and love that people shared.  Give yourself a break from the negative garbage and mindless drivel that often litters social media and fuel your soul with some of the most heart-warming and amazing painting suggestions I have ever read.


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