Floats like a bumblebee

Day 12 of my 18 Day Painting Challenge started with the prompt "an insect".  Pretty simple, right?  I had taken several pictures of fantastic bugs on our overseas trip, but the one that floated to the top was the Thailand bumblebee. 

At first, I thought these things were birds; they floated like tiny hummingbirds, from flower to flower.  They were huge and slow, which made them a little easier to photograph.  The only place we saw them was just outside the door of our AirBnB pad at Eed and Nat's place near Kanchanaburi.  They loved the big flowers that they had growing on the trellis. 

I did a couple of different things with this painting.  First, I didn't do any drawing.  Instead, I put on a green background coat, then playfully began giving form to the bee freehand, using my brush and Payne's Grey. 

I stuck to my time with this 10" x 10" painting, allowing a little imagination to work its way in.  As you may have noticed, I always paint from a black and white image.  This allows the painting to go in very unique directions.


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