The 18 Day Painting Challenge is working.  I was up just a few minutes after 6 again today.  Check.  I also find myself logging off of Facebook as soon as I realize that I am mindlessly scrolling through the newsfeed.  Check.  I have also created new pieces of art, including a rather different portrait of Jesus on Day 2 of this project.

I grew up in a Catholic home.  Mom made sure we said our prayers, went to mass every Sunday and were well educated about the life of Jesus and his teachings.  I attended Sunday School, or catechism, as we called it, in a small room in the basement of the rectory, the house adjacent to the church where Father Parent lived.  Our teacher was Mrs. Broda, one of the most angelic human beings I have ever known.  She would always be found in the front pew praying before mass.

There was Catholic iconography throughout the house:  a cross at the top of the arch connecting the living room with the entry way, a big Bible always within arm's reach, and a small plaque on the wall featuring the face of Jesus when he was on the cross with the word INRI at the top.

That last image was the one that popped to my mind when I pulled the prompt out of the hat for the second day of the challenge.  I had seen something very similar on my sister Corinne's wall the other day and even took of picture of it, thinking it would be interesting to paint one day.

I don't exactly know what time I started painting yesterday.  I glanced up at the clock in the studio, but it has been running slow ever since it fell a few days ago.  All I know for sure is that I put the brushes down at 8:58 am.

None of us really know what Jesus looked like, but these facial features are what I came to know after many years of seeing this every day.  Based on the positive response on social media, I think I'm not alone.

All of the pieces in the 18 Day Painting Challenge are going to be sold, one way or the other, to raise money for our next house build in Cambodia with Bracelets 4 Buildings.  People can either buy them right away, or wait until then end of the project.  All the pieces that remain unsold will be put in an online auction.  All proceeds will go toward the cost of building a small home for a family in need near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This 8" x 10" portrait of Jesus has already been spoken for, meaning that we are one step closer to our goal. We will also custom order prints of this one for anyone that likes.  Net proceeds from the sale of those support our humanitarian projects.


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