The prompts and the purpose

Yesterday I announced that this morning I would be starting the 18 Day Painting Challenge.  Friends and fans (it feels rather lofty to call them that...but it is the word that best fits) submitted all kinds of ideas. 

I've used some the ideas offered exactly as they were presented.  Others, I needed to adapt, as my intention was to use prompts that were somewhat generic, forcing me to figure out a subject that works with the prompt.  By way of example, there were suggestions for Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones and James Hetfield, lead singer of Mettalica.  Instead, the prompt will be "A famous rocker that you haven't painted yet".

I have written all the prompts on small pieces of paper and placed them in my Bracelets 4 Buildings hat.  I have done this for a very specific reason.

Bracelets 4 Buildings is the small charitable organization that inspired our support and participation in Cambodia last month.  Thanks to hundreds of clients who purchased prints in 2017, we were able to fund the build of a house (shown above) for Mern (shown below), a beautiful lady whose spirit, enthusiasm, gratitude and generosity blew us away.

I've decided that we are going to try and build another house with the 18 Day Painting Challenge.  Each painting that I will do in the next 18 days will be available for purchase.  All the proceeds from the sales will be set aside to be used to pay for a house for an impoverished family when we return to Cambodia in November.  I don't know if we will raise enough to pay for a whole house, but we're going to try.  People will have the option of buying the painting outright, or wait until the end of the 18 Day Painting Challenge and bid during an online auction.

Here are the prompts that will inspire the paintings.  Each morning I will draw one, figure out a subject, and get out to the studio nice and early.  My goal is to have a finished work by 9 am.

18 Days Painting Challenge Prompts

A famous rocker that I haven't painted yet

My vision of Angels, God or Jesus

A set of hands

A scientist or researcher who positively impacted the world

An object that one would find in your studio

A local (Wood Buffalo) legend who you haven't painted yet

An animal who lives in a tree

Children at play

A childhood hero of yours

Famous classical musician

A praire landscape

A local landmark

An insect of your choice

A character from Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

The first musician I ever saw in concert

A political figure who has positively impacted the world

A single eye

Someone who died over 100 years ago

A person who has impacted your life in the last year

You'll notice that there are 19 prompts, which means that one will never see the light of day.  That will add to the unpredictability of the exercise.  You see, I already figured out subjects for a good portion of these.  Some will be extra tough; I have no idea what I'm going to do.

Thank you so much to everyone who suggested prompt ideas.  I'm going to press PUBLISH and get this show on the road.


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