Dear Erdem (3)

Dear Erdem,

Late summer rain is falling heavy this morning in Fort McMurray. As it's a work day, I quite like it. The sound is soothing and the moisture is always nice. How are things in Playa del Carmen? Believe it or not, we can already feel autumn in the air, especially on those mornings that dip below 5-degrees. On those days, of which there have only been a few, the windshields of the cars are covered with dew and fog can usually be seen rolling through the lower valley. Beautiful.

We've had a great summer, though I can't believe it's almost done. On Monday, Dylan and Ben head back to school, into grades six and two, respectively. Neither is terribly excited about going back, at least not in any vocal way. I'm sure they will be excited once they are there, back amongst their friends and teachers.

Dylan will be going in for his leg surgery on September 21st. He'll be in hospital till Christmas and up and around, walking again, by early 2011. By the time we return to Playa at Easter, he should be back to normal, or as close to normal as Dylan can get. LOL.

Heather is doing exceptionally well, keeping busy with her massage business and yoga lessons. Her health is probably the best that it has been in at least five years. In fact, she just successfully completed a water fast, going seven days without solid food. I don't know how she does it.

As always, I'm very busy at work and in the community. I think I told you that I was thinking about running for a seat on Municipal Council when we were there in April? Well, I'm doing it. My "hat" officially gets thrown into the ring on September 20th, the day before Dylan's surgery. I even built my own website, after lots of trial and error. You had suggested, but I ended up going with (at the urging of a former employee). Let me know what you think.

I hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. I am "Friends" with Sandos Playacar on Facebook and every couple of days am reminded of its beauty and its promise as an incredible getaway. See you soon!

(-: Russell

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