The Law of Love and Attention

Nature is relentless, it plows forward ignoring the passing of time and changing circumstance. With a single season of neglect, a yard begins to be overtaken by noxious weeds, unwelcome tree seedlings and overwhelming growth. After a couple of years, cracks in the sidewalks get bigger and over time, pulverize the helpless concrete.

I'd like to think that I do a good job of keeping ahead of mother nature in our yard. But it blows my mind how much trimming and weeding is required to maintain the status quo. Seedlings from our half-century old Manitoba maples scatter in the fall and begin their growth early in the spring. By mid-summer, after we've been away for a few weeks, seedlings have exploded into little trees, as high as four or five feet.

Yesterday I pulled out the extension ladder, pruning extension pole and chainsaw and spent more than a few hours making our back alley passable again. We now have some firewood (after it seasons for a year)and lots of little branches that we can burn in the fire pit before freeze up. Hanging on for dear life, stretched out over the top of the ladder, chainsaw perilously slicing off branches ten feet off the ground, I was pleased to emerge from the excursion with all my human limbs intact.

The point is that love and attention are essential ingredients t0 maintaining family yards, businesses, communities and countries. You can never give enough love and attention. Remember that rule, and everything will be great!

August 5, 2010 - 196.8 lbs, 29.3% body fat


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