Strong Slate

As the names appear on the municipal election radar, it is clear that some great candidates are coming forward. It's been fun meeting and talking with "the competition" and discovering their mutual love for our community and enormous optimism for the future.

Donald Scott is a lawyer in town with a young family, a past president of the United Way in Fort McMurray and a longtime member of its board. I walked into his office yesterday to introduce myself. A cadre of his staff were gathered at the front and giggled as they looked at me, then over at Donald's campaign sign. We bear a striking resemblance to one another, with a similar amount of hair-though Donny would likely win if someone bothered to count. He's a great guy, committed family man, and an accomplished badminton player.

Dave Kirschner is an inspiration to me. He's a dedicated father, grandfather, businessman, advocate and a strong voice for Fort McMurray. I'm captivated by his knowledge of resource management, logistics and finding efficiencies. He's also a gentleman and a strong listener.

It was great to get a call from Sheldon Germain, a three-term Councillor and a longtime McMurrayite. Sheldon has tremendous vision and is not afraid to think BIG! He is the box office king when it comes to getting votes. He has been on top of the list the past two elections and stands to produce similar results in October.

I'm a big fan of Councillor Phil Meagher. He is funny, articulate, informed and a true champion of Wood Buffalo. A member of the Wood Buffalo Sport Wall of Fame, Phil is gearing up for a run of the political kind and a potential fourth term on Council. (I hope I get these numbers right because I'm just pulling them out of my head)

What can I say about Councillor Mike Allen, except that he has been a mentor, friend, community supporter and tremendous arts advocate. But I especially love his sage comments and perspective in the heat of debate and discussion at Council. Mike hasn't formally announced his intentions, but assuming he gives it another go, he is poised to do very well.

The names keep on coming with many more set to announce their intentions in the coming weeks. The slate is strong, which bodes well for the future of our region. And as the ballot get finalized on September 20th, I encourage people to ask us hard questions, share your ideas, and find out our views on the essential issues of the day. Then, on October 18th, select the candidates that you feel would best represent the best hopes for a bright and prosperous future. Let's get out the vote!

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