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This past weekend, during the 20th anniversary edition of the interPLAY Festival, I found myself not knowing the answers to questions, for the first time in 15 years. I discovered that ignorance is bliss. Simply not knowing freed me from the inherent stress of being the person most likely to have the answer. I loved it.

I had basked in the bliss of ignorance regarding web building for many years. Websites were things I went to multiple times a day, I didn't need to understand how they came to be, I just needed to use them.

Inspired by my wife, who built her own site for the Ananda Center for Balance, I rolled up my sleeves, steeled up my courage, and set sail from the island of ignorance for destinations unknown.

I tend to start searching for answers like most people in the world: I google the question.

How do I build my own website? -- ENTER

In a world run by websites, tens of thousands of possibilities popped up in the search results. My head started to spin. So, I did what I do whenever this happens: I turn to my Facebook friends for guidance. Ideas started rolling in almost immediately.

At the advice of a former employee, I decided to dive into intuitwebsites.ca, a build-it-yourself web hosting site. And while I was hesitant, fearful, trepidatious to give over my VISA number to get started, four or five days later and I'm feeling pretty good about the Russell Thomas for Council website. It's not public yet, but if you'd care to take a tour, please put on your seatbelt and take it for a test drive.

Lesson learned: ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is better. Now, I can make a change to my site without having to call an expert. That feels pretty darn good.

August 12, 2010 - 196.6 pounds, 26.6% body fat


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