Champion of Courage Speech

We have one more champion to celebrate before we close out the first annual Mayor and Council Toast of Champions.  And unlike the champions and nominees we have celebrated here this evening, this person has no idea that they are going to be talked about.

When life throws you a curve, you get to choose how to respond.  Some people don’t respond well – they whither and shrink.  Others rage – overcome with anger that things have not gone as planned.  Some live in a state of denial – hoping that if they ignore it long enough, things will go back to normal.

Our final champion most certainly went through a range of emotions when the universe decided to through its ultimate curve in the fall of 2010 – a health diagnosis that would shake the sturdiest of souls to their core.

However, this curve was thrown at a soul who was not only sturdy, but intensely grounded in faith, family and community, a person whose outlook was equally optimistic as realistic, a leader whose resolve to “finish strong” resulted in a year of public service, advocacy and activity that belied his physical strength and endurance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, our final champion is person who embodies words like attitude, perseverance, perspective and passion.  He is a beacon of light, a fountain of inspiration, an example to follow should life decide to throw us a curve.  A community builder, businessman, husband, father, grandfather and friend.  Please join me in celebrating Mayor and Council’s Champion of Courage – Dave Kirschner.


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