Good vibrations

I have had a constant knot in my stomach in recent days, caused in no small measure by tempestuous political vibrations (at all levels of government), a long winter (we are back into the minuses this morning), and various other things going on in my professional and personal life.

With that context in mind, I was so pleased to be at the launch party for Tom and Breanna Albrecht's real estate team.  They hosted a warm reception at Chez Dube and unveiled their new power couple brand.  Most importantly, they made as feel so welcomed and honoured to be there.

They even had a selection of three parting gifts for us to choose from before we left.  I chose the Yorkshire Tea.  It subsequently made Heather happy when I got home.  And you know what they say about a happy wife.

I also was able to attend the 3rd Annual Timeraiser, put on last night by the team at FuseSocial, as I was once again immersed in, and inspired by, a bastion of good vibrations.

As I watch the replay of the evening in my mind, there is such a feeling of gratitude for the many wonderful conversations I was able to have with friends and colleagues.  One person was talking about their anticipation of being able to spend more time outdoors, walking the trails and enjoying the fresh air that nature provides in abundance.  That is a sentiment I wholeheartedly understand.

Winter has grown into an indoor sport for me, sadly.  I admire and respect people like Councillor Phil Meagher, who manage to get outside for physical activity and time on the trails no matter the temperature.  After six full months of cold, and spending the bulk of my time indoors, I'm ready to be released to the wild (and the riverbank, fishing pole in hand).

I woke up from my 10-minute power nap at the end of the workday yesterday to the sight of four beautiful birds having their fill on my bird feeder.  I dashed awake, ran to the kitchen for a better view, and called Heather and Ben over to see.  They were strikingly beautiful, a species that I hadn't seen before in our yard.  Maybe it's the season for it, as just last weekend we had a tree full of birds that turned out to be Bohemian waxwings.

As we watched our four feathered friends feast, I grabbed the Birds book and began thumbing through the pages trying to find a match.  Then I grabbed the telephoto lens and snapped a few pictures.  My thinking was that someone on Facebook would know the species and tell me, long before I could go through hundreds of pages with small thumbnails.

Sure enough, Bill Towsley - a former resident who was a stalwart volunteer in the theatre world of Fort McMurray - let me know that they are redpolls.

Birds have a very positive effect on me.  I could be in the surliest of moods, and one feathered friend landing on the feeder instantly brings a smile to my face.  It was one of the best Christmas presents ever from Heather and the boys.

So, my task in the coming days and weeks, is to try and supplant negative vibrations with the good ones, surround myself with like-minded positive souls, and embrace the new life and growth that Mother Nature is about to provide.  I hope you can do the same.


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