Birth of Birdsong

As we contemplated professional changes in our lives, it became clear to Heather and I that the time might be right to incorporate.  Could either of us have predicted this ten years ago?  No chance.  However, the way our professional paths have aligned, makes it advantageous to provide services under one masthead.

We played with a lot of names, trying to find the right combination of words that fit with both Heather's very personal practice of transforming lives and her upcoming H3 program (Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Life), and my public practice of working with businesses, organizations and systems.  In the end (and after a lot of nuance searches) we landed on BIRDSONG CONNECTIONS INC.

There are a lot of metaphors here that resonate for us.  Birdsong, that often fills our backyard, is filled with elements of  beauty, variety, and wondrous connecting power.  Birdsong is also about finding your inner (or organizational) voice, and having the courage to amplify and maximize it.  The connections piece speaks to ideas, images, stories, soul, spirit, and essence.  It also speaks to bringing people - and groups of people - together, in alignment, with purpose and mindfulness.

Heather will continue to operate a portion of her work through the Ananda Center for the Balance, but a lot of her new ventures will come under Birdsong.  I will likely be moving into a world of combining a base salaried position (decisions yet to be made in this regard) with Birdsong Connections contracts.  I'll have to take it slow, as I'm still getting used to seeing myself as......uh, that e-word: entrepreneur.  I'm slow to evolve.  It has only been in the last couple of months that I've grown comfortable enough to call myself an artist.  Looking at my new MOO card series, I feel more comfortable than ever describing myself as one.

I sketched out some ideas for a logo, then sent them to my friend Adityo Sofyandi in Indonesia, a wonderful graphic designer and leather artist.

It took some back and forth communication, and a couple of days, but he created a visual brand that speaks to both of us and our aspirations for how we want to help people and organizations.

We're just getting started.  We incorporated this week, got our business license, and established a visual brand. Much more will follow as we get ready to partner with individuals and organizations to create success. Stay tuned and wish us well.


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