Gratitude - a great companion

One might think that the week that revealed a significant and unsettling career transition would have been dark, heavy, morose, possibly even despondent.  But, it was not.  In fact, there were multiple moments of intense fun, excitement and gratitude.  There was also hope and optimism.

So, what am I grateful for on the cold Saturday morning?


I have had intense support and encouragement from family and friends as I starred into the abyss of uncertainty.  They trust that something will emerge and that our soon-to-be-upended universe will right itself and take us sailing in a bright, new direction.


I felt incredibly blessed to have spent time with some amazing people in the social profit sector this week with the Managing the Message, Telling Our Story workshop.  Their passion, commitment and creativity continues to resonate with me, three days after we wrapped everything up.  I also saw great leadership and character at the Leadership Wood Buffalo action learning project presentation day.  People are our greatest resource; make no mistake about it.


Our backyard has become a bastion for birds.  As the weather began to change yesterday, the variety of species and the abundance was spectacular.  I could be in the sourest of moods, and the sight of a single bird landing on the feeder can completely change my energy.


I am so grateful for kindness and seeing it happen in myriad places, in big ways and in small ways.  People have been infinitely kind to me (and others), and I am so grateful.


In a week that started in darkness, there was very quickly light.  While nothing has been firmed up, there are opportunities on the horizon that look promising, exciting, and in alignment with my core values and what I want to do. As one door closed, multiple windows opened.


I was honoured to facilitate to incredible sessions this week: the #ymmSUMMERarts Community Conversation and the Managing the Message, Telling Your Story all-day workshop.  In both cases, I saw incredible creativity, curiosity, and a level of trust in the process that produced inspiring results.

Over a year ago, I wrote down five points that define an ideal life for me.  The second on that list is living "in a state of gratefulness".  I've have experienced a lot of gratitude since I wrote that down in a year that has dished out its own unique set of challenges and setbacks.  Somewhere along the way, I learned how to reframe negative things very quickly, and find the good in the bad.  That lesson has served me well.

It puts me in mind of a Navajo prayer:

Beauty above me
Beauty below me
Beauty to my left
Beauty to my right
Beauty in front of me
Beauty behind me
Beauty within me

In the deepest, darkest times of our life, gratitude can, and should, be our closest companion.


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