Me time

I consider the time between when I wake to when I make the sandwiches for the boys' lunches, my time.  It is that blissful hour when I get to write, about whatever is on my mind.  Most times I collect my thoughts in the form of a blog post, hit PUBLISH, and continue on with the rest of my day.  On the odd occasion I write, but don't send it out to the world.  I wrote several during the great fall of former Premier Redford; I wrote one a couple of days ago.  Eventually, I delete the writing and allow the thoughts, shreds of digital code, to scatter in the wind.

As we wait (again) for spring snow to fall - there is a snowfall warning for our region - I am approaching the end of my 42-day self-imposed alcohol and bread fast with increased fitness thrown in for good measure.  Thanks to the companionship of Matt and Heather, my walking has increased tenfold.  I've also added a physical element to my morning routine: push ups.  I started with 15 and have been increasing by one each day.  I did 27 this morning.

"Remember to breathe," says Heather, when she watches me pump up and down.

"I am breathing," I snap back.

Push ups were a part of my daily routine in my 20's, back in the days when I was a donut baker and in the early phase of my broadcasting career.  I have vague memories of doing 50 at a time at the pinnacle of my physical strength.  If I am able to maintain this pattern of adding one a day, I'll be up to 57 when I'm finished this six week adventure.

Am I losing weight?  You know, I'm not completely sure.  I feel better, that's for sure, which was my primary objective at the outset.

I also enjoy listening to quiet, serene, reflective music during my early morning me time.  This morning it is a CD that was sent to me last night by Mike Allen (jazz saxophonist from BC).  It's completely ironic and apropos that the opening track is a song called "You Must Believe In Spring".  Mike's music, this time in the duo format with pianist Miles Black, has always felt like home to me, ever since I first heard him in the Keyano Rehearsal Hall.  Watch for The Feel Of Life, being released in June.  It's stunningly beautiful, and a great way to start the day.

My mornings are quotidian, in every sense of the word. There is a distinct pattern that repeats itself over and over again, only interrupted during travel.  This is my sanctuary time, a period of peace that is an essential pillar to a productive day.  It's 7:30 am, time to make sandwiches.


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