Facebook algorithm woes

I saw a stunning drop in numbers on my Russell Thomas Art Facebook page in the last 24 hours.  I can't decide if it is the algorithm change that everyone is talking about or the face that it was the Friday before a long weekend at the start of winterPLAY and the Alberta Winter Games.  Maybe it is a combination of both.

I posted the latest update of my rhino painting and Facebook tells me it is "performing better than 90% of other posts on my page, yet it had only been seen by 196 people.  That doesn't add up.  I'm trying a little experiment to see what boosting it by $20 will do over the next week.  It jumped by 40 views in less than 5 minutes.

If you don't have a Facebook business or organization page, you probably have never seen the numbers of which I speak.  With every post, we can see how it is performing in real time.  That helps us learn what is good content and what is not.

By way of example, a photo of a painting on the easel in the studio will always perform better than the photo of the same painting cropped with no background.  People love context.

A post with a good story will always perform better than one without one.

People love people.  I have a tradition at Birdsong Studio of asking most people (sometimes I forget) who pick up art work to pose with their piece in front of the feature wall.  These posts always do very well.

Numbers have helped me be a better communicator.  If the numbers I'm seeing now are strictly related to a new algorithm, then all the things I've learned are going to be powerless.

That said, I'm not sure that I trust the numbers.  The true test for me will be if I start hearing from the followers of my page that they are not seeing my stuff anymore.  Then I will know that something substantial has happened that will affect my ability to reach the people who have expressed an interest in following what I am doing. Please let me know if you notice a difference on your end.  I'd really appreciate it.


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