Birdsong Friends

We are on the final day of our Birdsong Friends auction. It occurred to me that it would be nice photographer Rob Kunz and painter Jerry Epp to share some of their work with our audience. Heather and I are keen on supporting other artists. It’s also great for our customers as they get introduced to new styles and talents.

Sunflowers by Jerry Epp
Sunflowers by Jerry Epp

Jerry is a recently retired emerging artist who we met during our Elma Street Art Walk events. He often sets up in front of our house. It has been inspiring to see his realism paintings get stronger and stronger. It’s at the point now that you’d swear you’re looking at a photograph. His skill and attention to detail is phenomenal. 

Photographs by Robert Kunz

Rob was our realtor when we bought this property in Okotoks in 2019. He then went on to work with his brother to coordinate all of the renovations we needed done, including the development of Birdsong Studio itself. In the process, he has become a dear friend to both of us. His love of photography and his editing prowess never ceases to amaze me.

Metamorphosis by Heather Thomas

Heather has a number of pieces in this auction. My favourite is the biggest piece on offer. “Metamorphosis” is a stunning abstract masterpiece in search of a great room that is longing to make a statement. It demands attention in a soft and gentle way, encouraging the viewer to dream, evolve and imagine possibilities. It is not an inexpensive piece, but when you’re talking about a centrepiece work of art for a home or business, it’s a helluva deal. 

Winter Habitat by Russell Thomas

I have a great selection of work in this auction including several pieces that are being sold to support charities.  I’ll be able to make a nice donation to Habitat for Humanity Wood Buffalo with the sale of “Winter Habitat”. It was created during a fundraising workshop in support of that wonderful organization.

There are also several original works in the auction from my 52 Week Painting Challenge in support of Bracelets For Buildings. I am aiming to create 52 new works in one year which will be sold to help us fund the construction for a deserving family in rural Cambodia. Several of these pieces have garnered bids so far. I would love to see them all snapped up before the auction ends tonight at 9 pm MST.

Visit the Birdsong Friends auction here:


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