The ideal Ideal Protein journey

I was introduced to the Ideal Protein program by my high school friend Warren when we were visiting Kamsack about 10 years ago. Up to that point I had tried a variety of things to lose weight.  I remember running up and down our basement steps dozens of times, thinking that moving my 210 pound bulk on that circuitous journey would shed the weight. It did not. I’m sure our sons thought I was nuts at the time.  I tried altering my diet, eating healthier and cutting out alcohol. That helped, but only a little. Warren’s description of how Ideal Protein worked caught my interest and inspired me to connect with a local clinic when we got back to our community.  

I went from 210 pounds down to almost 165 pounds in just a couple of months. It was a program that really worked for me. For a number of years, I kept the weight off successfully.  However, deciding to move our family and dealing with the associated stresses of buying, selling, packing, moving, unpacking and re-establishing our lives caused me to return to old and bad habits.  

In returning to the program here in Okotoks with support from Bill and JoAnn Richards, we discovered an opportunity to buy their business and are now an Independent Ideal Protein clinic. All through our Vancouver Island holiday we kept saying “I can’t wait to get on the program”! Heather and I both thought it most appropriate to wait until we got back home before jumping in.  

I am sitting at 193.6 pounds. My goal is to get down below 170 pounds again and then go through the stabilization and maintenance phases of the protocol. Today is Day 1 of that journey. 

Heather and I are in the process of draining our “Carb Tanks” so that our bodies can shift into ketosis, the process by which our body uses fat stores for energy. Gone from the menu are the carbs and sugars. My bottle of whiskey will sit untouched for the next number of months. Our dietary focus is on veggies, proteins, Ideal Protein meals and lots of water. 

The great thing about this program is that if I stick to it, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that within a couple of months I will be at my ideal weight. Once I get there I’m looking forward to keeping it off using the proven Ideal Protein protocol. This journey is not only about losing the weight and becoming healthier, it’s about going through the process to make us better coaches.  

If you’re interested in learning more, and you’re in our geographic area (Okotoks, High River, Turner Valley, etc.) don’t hesitate to text us at Birdsong Studios.  Here is the number: 403-910-0843. If you phone, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you. You’ll be connecting directly with Heather and she’ll happily send you some info about the Ideal Protein protocol. If it sounds like it might fit for you, she’ll set you up with an appointment. 


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