Nanoose Bay

On our second to last day on Vancouver Island we didn’t have many expectations. All we knew is that we were going to drive from Courtenay to Heather’s uncle and aunt’s place in Nanaimo. What we would do between the two places was completely random. 

Our first stop was in Union Bay. A small wall of rocks with an inukshuk at the end caught my attention, as did the rising sun making its presence known through broken cloud. It was truly a beautiful way to start the day.  

Heather found us a couple of hiking options in Nanoose Bay. 

“Do you want to do higher ridge walk or something lower around the lake?” 

“Let’s go up high,” I said.

So we did, and enjoyed one of the nicest walks on the whole trip.  The viewpoints were fantastic, as was the variety of trees, rocks and birds. At one point we saw a hummingbird in the wild. It hovered in front of us as if it was checking us out. Then it went and rested on the top of a tree. 

We enjoyed a lovely visit with Roy and Jane, Heather’s Uncle and Aunt. They have lived in a beautiful home off Hammond Bay Road in Nanaimo for over 20 years. 

They were gracious hosts and allowed us to spend the night before driving the rest of the way to the Swartz Bay Ferry. The sunrise from the vantage bay of their deck was incredible.

They also had several hummingbirds that came by while we were there.

We’re chilling in a hotel room near the airport waiting to join our son and his girlfriend for a Saturday evening meal in Gas Town. Tomorrow morning we’ll fly home and reunite with the other kids: Coco and Shay. We are both ready to get back to our real life. 


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