Comfortably Numb

This was the thirteenth day of waking up on pillows that were not my own.  I am so happy to be back in Fort McMurray after a long stretch of being away, attending the Communities Collaborating Conference in Ontario and joining my family for a Thanksgiving weekend getaway in Vancouver.  We were in the door at our house shortly after 3 pm and I was at a council meeting less than an hour later.

One of my councillor colleagues noted that I was not myself, and he was right.  I was numb; I still am.

Not only have been out of my element for 13 days, sleeping in unfamiliar places and logging long days of intensive brain work - at least on the Communities Collaborating Institute leg of my travels - I also have  been less-than-diligent about my eating.  I've noticed an incremental change and feared stepping on the weigh scale when I got home.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been complaining about a sore lower back and only now, after having received my comeuppance by stepping on the scale, have I made the connection that my physical pain might be directly related to my diet and a few added pounds - probably more than 10 if I'm counting (and I am).

I have been swayed by many things sweet, sugar-filled and decadent.  I have dived in for seconds when firsts would have sufficed.  I have chosen thick juicy steaks, gravy drenched turkey and myriad morsels that have begun to deform my form.

So, as I sit here banging away on my keyboard, drinking copious amounts of water to quickly make myself feel like I'm changing things for the better immediately, I shall return to my previous Ideal Protein regimen for the next while on a quest to get back where I was before - well south of 180 pounds.

Wish me luck!


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