Ski For Hope Update #2

For immediate release
February 24, 2013

Meagher's iconic sense of humour intact

"One small glide for Fort Chip, one giant ski for the Centre of Hope," said Phil Meagher within the last hour.

His sense of humour intact, getting the medical attention he needs, Phil is in excellent spirits despite being unable to complete the 280 kilometre cross-country ski journey from Fort Chipewyan to Fort McMurray.

His family greeted him when he got back to town.

"Thanks to all who helped in getting him back safe," said Sherry Meagher.

"We are so appreciative of everyone who helped today," said David Brady, Project Manager.  "From the folks on the snowmobiles who assisted to everyone who has made donations to the Centre of Hope to all the well-wishers on social media, Phil's heart is full."

Blake Crossley, the originator of the 2010 Dare2Dream project, is nearing the completion of the 10 kilometres he was planning to do with Phil at the conclusion of his ski.  Proudly wearing an orange toque in honour of Phil, Crossley should arrive at The Snye within the hour.


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