Trust transference

I was at Fames and More yesterday needing to get some framing done on a recent painting.  Jessica Weber, one of the wonderful employees at the establishment, shared the news with me that someone had opened up an art supply store out of their home.

"What?" I cried.  "Are you serious?"

My face lit up instantly, thinking of the amount of times I've had to order canvases from away, or that I've settled for whatever I could find at The Dollar Store or Walmart.

Jessica scrambled for the business card that Anastasia left behind and made me a copy.

"She is absolutely lovely," said Jessica.

Because I trust Jessica and Jessica trusts Anastasia, I automatically start off at a place of trust with this lady I haven't met.  That's the power of trust transference.

I reached out to Anastasia before I went to bed and sure enough, had a lovely message when I woke up this morning.  I'm actually going to get to meet her today, as she is attending the ConvergenceYMM conference.  I go through a minimum two canvases a week.  The fact that we have a local supplier fills me with glee.

WeeBounce Art Supplies Store
Anastasia - Manager

The tool of trust transference is essential in building better communities, organizations and companies.  We have people in our professional lives that we know are great human beings: reliable, talented, hard-working, and a multitude of other qualities.  Sharing that knowledge with others builds bridges of understanding and trust that form strong networks, and seeds possible opportunities and collaborations in the future.

If I say to you that "Muna is one of the most outstanding, thoughtful, smart and committed individuals I have ever worked with," it would probably leave a lasting impression.  I'm incredibly fortunate because I work in a place that I can honestly say something equally amazing about every single person.

The way Jessica spoke about Anastasia imbued such appreciation and positive energy, that I instantly liked her, and felt completely comfortable encouraging and supporting her by sharing the news that she has gone into the art supply business.  If Jessica had been hesitant in any way, or been less than enthusiastic, I would have been more cautious and less likely to share.

We are about to head into two days of meeting with colleagues in the social profit sector and the community.  This will be a perfect environment to employ trust transference which will build a stronger, more sustainable, resilient and remarkable community.


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