Partings and Paintings

I received a message from a member of the inner circle of one the famous people that I painted in the last six months who had passed away.  They were interested in purchasing the portrait for the surviving spouse as they thought it might provide a measure of comfort.  I'm not going to say much more as to which famous person it was, in respect of their privacy, except to say that I was deeply touched and honoured.

Some of the most powerful painting projects have been the ones connected with partings.  I had one of my subjects slip away early this morning, just moments before I woke up to start my day.  That painting now takes on another important role, one that hopefully kindles fond memories and recalls unforgettable character and class.

There has been a moving response to the painting of Baby Navi this week.  She passed away three years ago and is being remembered and honoured thanks to the courage of her dad and mom in having me paint her portrait.  I can't express how honoured I was to be asked to do this project.

I have done over 100 portraits since I began this amazing journey about one year ago.  I feel incredible gratitude for being asked to do what I do.  This wasn't planned or even imagined.  I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that my life would take this crazy curve, that I would be taking painting requests from people near and far.  But, life is like that isn't it?  Just when you think you have things figured out, something unexpected comes along to shake things up.


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