30-Day Return to Ideal Challenge

I knew long before we went to New York that I was going to do a 30-Day tune-up on my eating habits.  With that certainty in mind I had a luscious piece of cheesecake, carb heavy meals and a couple of pints of beer free of guilt or concern when we were in the Big Apple.  We got back and things were so busy that I didn't have a moment to get the necessary Ideal Protein supplies to get started....until Monday.

The impetus arrived in the guise of my early warning system - clothes that don't fit properly.  Getting the top button done up on a dress shirt I purchased this spring was a little tough.  That was all I needed.

I began bright and early on Monday morning and by the end of the day my extremities were already cold, the first sign that my body has likely shift into ketosis, or when it starts to use stored fat cells for energy.  A side benefit is that it tends to soften the appetite.

This healthy eating journey will be slightly different than the others in that for 30 days, I will follow the program but I will not be weighing myself.  During my previous tune-ups, my day would start by stepping on the scale and noting the progress.  I want to become healthier for the sake of it, not for a number on the scale or how many inches I've lost.

Generally speaking, I've been living a healthy life.  Over the summer, I reduced my alcohol intake to nothing, carbs were a rare treat, and I was drinking lots of water.

I had two cheats, if you will.  First, I love my nuts.  OK, that sounds bad.  I love my peanuts, almonds, raisons, sunflower seeds, and cashews mix.  I allowed myself too many of those.  And, I loved my bread.  Closing the night off with a couple of slices of toast slathered with butter, jam and peanut butter was the rule rather than the exception.

So, as of Monday, I've cut out bread.  I've moved to a shake for breakfast (which is far simpler by the way) and a shake for lunch with salad.  Dinner meals pretty much stay the same.  And I've cut out bread completely.

Thanks to Tony Esteves's 30-Day Challenge concept, I will be holding myself accountable via social media by tweeting each day.  I will only weigh myself when the 30 days are complete.

Someone asked me how many pounds I will likely lose in a month.  Of course, I won't really know, as I didn't weigh myself at the beginning.  However, my guess is that I might be down 12 to 15 pounds by the time December arrives.  It could be more; it could be less.  All I know is that I'll be able to easily button up my shirt.

Want more information on the Ideal Protein program?  Visit my friend Sarah at Finding Balance on Franklin. Tell her Russell sent you!


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