Live painting adventures

Painting a portrait live in front of people imposes its own set of risks and rewards.  You are on a very tight schedule - some tighter than others - and there is no walking away from the project to refocus or recharge.

Like athletes prepare for game day, I do the same when approaching a live painting gig.  It's probably mostly mental preparation, but from the moment I commit to doing an event, I start wrapping my brain around who I am going to paint, how much time I have to make it happen, and myriad other details that go into it.

Last night I warmed up for Saturday's live painting at the I Love Oil Sands Halloween Ball by doing one of Jack.  The image jumped out at me yesterday and I couldn't resist taking him out into the studio.  Much like the live painting events, I imposed strict timelines and stuck to them.  I gave myself 15 minutes for drawing and 60 minutes for painting.  While I didn't completely finish, I got it mostly done within the hour.

Paintings take on a rare quality when I don't over work a piece.  When I end up in the flow state within a limited window of time, magical things happen.  Two examples that jump to mind are the one I did of Jimi Hendrix to raise money for the victims of the Abasand Fire and the large portrait of Lionel Ritchie for Marty at Northstar Ford.

The number of live painting adventures is growing.

Northstar Ford Fundraiser - Calgary
Robin Williams as Patch Adams

We Love Oil Sands Banquet and Dance 
Dr. Karl A. Clark

Photo by Paul Jen
Art Themed Urban Market 
Payne Stewart

Finning's We Care United Way Fundraiser 
Earl B. Finning

Hope International's Fundraising Banquet

Centre of Hope's KD Gala
The Carla Memory Project

More live painting events are coming soon, including a gig at Pearls, Peaks and Prairies pop up art auction in Edmonton raising money for The United Way of Fort McMurray and the United Way Capital Region.

If you're interested in having me paint live at your event, don't hesitate to get in touch via our Birdsong Connections website by clicking here.  Or, send me a text at 780-881-3752.  I love doing it AND it tends to raise lots of money for worthy causes.  Maybe yours is one of them.


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