Art March online auction

As you probably have figured out, I do a mix of commission paintings and random subjects that inspire me in the moment.  For example, the original of "Song in Heaven" was a commission piece and was unavailable to the many people who reached out interested in giving it a home.  On the other hand, the recent painting I did of Bono was totally up for grabs and was scooped up three minutes after I posted it on my Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page.

The Russell Thomas Art March online auction that runs from March 5 to 11 includes a number of original paintings that were done spontaneously or as part of various workshops.  Here are a few to keep your eyes on:

Damri (Elephant)

Heather and I spent time with this beautiful elephant in Thailand late last year.  We actually got to swim with her in the river Khwae, at the Elephant Haven west of Kanchaburi.  I had this painting on the back wall of my booth at the recent Multicultural Expo where it attracted a lot of attention.  The animal lovers who follow my work will likely jump on this one.

Northern Rockhopper Penguin

The kids love this painting.  The northern rockhopper penguin is so colourful and fun.  His eyes are absolutely piercing and his feathers are spectacular.


This 24" x 36" portrait of a rhino would be an awesome feature piece in any home.  It is warm and full of all kinds of colours.


Louis Armstrong was a giant in the 20th Century.  His influence on the Jazz genre is impossible to describe, as it was pervasive.  He also had a lovely and generous personality that cut across music styles and cultures.  This portrait was done during a painting workshop in support of music students at Father Mercredi High School.  They are raising funds to go on a band trip to New Orleans.  It is extra special, in my view, as it was the first in a series of paintings that utilized short vertical brush strokes.  All proceeds from the sale of this absolutely unique portrait will be donated to the students to help with their trip.

Great Grey Owl

Photography Robbie Coppard snapped a photo of this beautiful bird earlier this winter.  He gave us permission to use his picture as the reference during a painting workshop in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association.  This 16" x 20" is the original that was done that evening.

Joey Smallwood

About a month ago, one of my clients asked if I had ever done a portrait of Joey Smallwood, Newfoundland's inaugural premier.  At that point I had to say no.  However, the suggestion of painting Mr. Smallwood stuck with me and in fact, he was the first in my Great Canadian Mornings series.  I knew practically nothing about this political leader before doing this portrait. 

I've since finished reading The Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Wayne Johnston, a fictitious account of Joey Smallwood. While I still have lots to learn, I'm intrigued by the man and the role he played in bringing Newfoundland into the Confederation of Canada.

If you're from Newfoundland and want a piece of art sure to ignite conversation; this is it!

Song in Heaven

There are a number of canvas prints in the Art March online auction, but the one that is most special is the limited edition of "Song in Heaven".  This painting hits fans of Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip in an undeniable way.  I had a fan reach out yesterday from Chicago asking how he can get his hands on one.  He kept seeing it popping up on Instagram.  Only 20 of these will ever be available.  This is one of them.

How the auction works

The Art March online auction happens thanks to an auction service called 32 Auctions.  All you have to do is register for free and place your bids by clicking here.  They automatically send you an email when someone tops your bid.  At the end of the auction, if you have the high bid on one or several items, we will work with you to arrange payment and pick-up.  If you are not in the Fort McMurray area, we can happily arrange for safe and reasonably priced shipping to wherever you are in the world.


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