Discovering Canmore and painting a shark

We are staying in an AirBnB condo in a development called Spring Creek.  It is a short two block walk to downtown nestled between a couple of creeks.  Our particular building is called Rundle Cliffs Lodge, for those interested in this excellent AirBnB option.  It is directly adjacent to what is going to be the Malcolm Hotel and Conference Centre; it is still under construction.

As we make our way along the creek, we get to enjoy a large number of mallards and common goldeneyes that hang out.

There are also a couple of rabbits that live nearby, to the teeth gritting chagrin of residents.  Apparently, they get a little too familiar with their gardens during the warmer months.

This is a walkable community, and many people seem to embrace that option.  One fellow, the owner of a local music store, said that during the crazy busy months of July and August, walking and biking is the only way to get around, as the streets get clogged with tourists.

Once a quiet rest stop on the way to Banff, Canmore has come into its own as desired destination.  it is close to numerous ski hills, has lots of restaurants, galleries and attractions, plus, it's less crazy than its national park neighbour down the highway.

We stopped into the Carter Ryan Gallery and had a great visit with Jason Carter and Bridget Ryan, the co-owners.  They have obviously had some success as they've opened up a second location in Banff, though they describe the two communities as being completely different.

It was a quiet day for us yesterday.  I think we were all resting up for today's trip to Sunshine Village for a day of skiing.  Heather and Ben went to check out a few things while I stayed back and painted my first shark.  He is sitting off to my right, staring at me as I write this blog post.  In the dim light of morning, he looks rather real and menacing.

I have skied once in the mountains, at a resort near Fernie, BC.  This will be my second time.  I am unsure of how I will react to the heights and the steep inclines.  Wish me luck.


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