March's raven

I'm convinced that the ravens love the fact that winter is stretching on.  They have been incredibly talkative over the last couple of day, in a state of glee over the fresh snow and the return to cold temperatures.  While I love our conversations, I'm really ready for winter to be done.  When I looked at the forecast and saw expected highs below zero for the entire week, I felt like I had been kicked in the gut and the wind taken out of me.

I think it was the thought of warmth and the lush green of early spring grass and budding trees that inspired me to do my latest raven painting against a green infused background.  I was also getting triggered by the painting of my Cambodian water buffalo hanging on the right corner of the feature wall.  Something about that palette was drawing me in.

We were a small but mighty group in Birdsong Studio on Sunday morning.  Olivia was back for the third week in a row and Keri-Anne joined us for the first time.  They had a choice between doing a raven or an eagle portrait.  Olivia had her eyes on the eagle, inspired by a photo taken by Stephen Amonson, since she saw it in the studio the week previous.  Keri-Anne went for the raven without a moment's hesitation.

There is a soothing quality about spending three enchanting hours creating with like-minded souls.  Olivia may only be 10, but she has an artistic sensibility that is delightful to be around.  Keri-Anne is very similar and jumped right into the creative process without hesitation.  After three hours, they both had beautiful pieces, and we, as a group, had enjoyed a lovely visit.

I feel so grateful that people like Olivia and Keri-Anne choose to spend time with me in Birdsong Studio.  I enjoy the company and get inspired by the presence of others.  It is extra special when the conversation naturally blossoms.  Ker-Anne and I discovered a remarkable connection in the middle of our chat. 

It turns out that a former theatre colleague and creative partner in the late 1980s was a formidable influence in Keri-Anne's life in Ontario many years later.  I sent Patricia a double selfie to see how she would react to seeing two people from her past engaging in the present.  Needless to say, she was delighted.

I put the finishing touches on the "March Raven" after my Bracelets 4 Buildings board meeting and a dinner break.  It will be getting added to Deborah's art collection when she picks it up later this week. 


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